DAWN 八寸帯地

DAWN 八寸帯地 葛布



とにかく太陽に照らされて刻々と変わる色あいは不思議だ。特に北海道の乾燥した空気を通って真っ白な雪面に映し出される色は何色とも言えず ああ綺麗だ、などと、時を忘れて見ているうち、どんどん変化して


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緯糸 葛 手績み糸(北海道札幌市)
経糸 絹 座繰り糸(群馬県安中市)
染め 藍、ふきのとう、日本茜、ラックダイ(紫鉱) + 生成り
巾  八寸一分
丈  一丈三尺四寸

経糸太さ種類 175中本糸、200中本糸、180中本糸、210中節糸、230中節糸
経糸密度 60本/寸(片羽)
緯糸密度 11〜13本/cm



Exhibition “Trajectory, Time and Time” – Works on display 2.
DAWN 8sun Obi Kudzu cloth obi

Every early morning in winter, I went outside to look at the sky, wanting to see the purple before dawn. However, I could never see it, and later I learnt that the sky turns purple on days with many clouds.

On the other side of the rising sun, the sky in the west is a beautiful purple. I think this is the colour of the earth’s shadow cast by the sun, mixed with the madder colour of the sunrise.

In any case, the ever-changing hues of the sky illuminated by the sun are a wonder. The colours reflected on the pure white snow surface through the dry Hokkaido air are indescribably beautiful.

And then it becomes the usual scene.

Produced in 2021
This obi was also exhibited at the last solo exhibition.