upas 八寸帯

upas 八寸帯


「ウパシ」はアイヌ語で「雪」 雪をテーマにこの後制作を続け、upasシリーズは現在全部で7作となっているが手元に残っているのは初代のこの一枚のみ。私はほとんどの八寸帯のお太鼓の内側を濃い色にするが、それもこの作品から始まった。経糸は国産生糸で機械製糸によるもの。少し実験的な織り方をしていて、平織りだが表裏で前面に出る色味が違うようにしている。また、筬(おさ)も、この時はステンレス筬を使っていた。(今は竹筬を使用)



巾 八寸三分
丈 531cm
織り密度 55本/寸
緯糸 葛手績み糸(北海道)
経糸 絹生糸(機械製糸による)
染め 藍、生成り


The word “Upasi” means “snow” in the Ainu language. Continuing with the theme of snow, I have created seven pieces in the Upashi Series, but only the original piece remains in my possession. This piece was the starting point for my practice of dyeing the inside of most of my eight-sun obi drum with a darker color.

The warp threads are made from domestically produced machine-spun silk yarn, and I experimented with a slightly unconventional weaving technique to create a difference in color between the front and back sides of the plain weave fabric.

The finishing of the edges and the overall atmosphere of the piece are still quite amateurish. I submitted it to a juried exhibition hosted by the Komagane Silk Museum but it was not selected. Naturally, it wasn’t. However, I have been using it for my personal use, and it has become quite soft and easy to use.

As it has become quite soft, I would like to try tying it with the “Kakudeshi Musubi” (pull-out knot) without using a separate obi age or obi jime.