no title 四寸幅

no title 半幅帯




巾 16cm
長さ 404.4cm
緯糸 葛手績み糸(北海道)
経糸 絹ビス糸未精練 300d
染め 藍、茜
経糸密度 60本/寸
緯糸密度 12〜15本/cm


2015 Production

This artwork may not have the most intricate design, but as a fabric, it could be considered the masterpiece of bisu yarn. The weft threads are densely woven, and they intertwine with the warp threads, creating a fabric with a delicate sheen, a smooth texture, and a balance of stiffness and flexibility, making it a truly Kuzu cloth. From the moment it was woven, it exuded an atmosphere that inspired me to jot down the phrase “became very cloth-like.”

Even now, when I use slightly thicker warp threads, I keep this fabric close at hand as a reference for creating a similar atmosphere. However, I can never achieve exactly the same effect. Perhaps it was the youthfulness of the fabric when it was made eight years ago, or maybe the characteristics of Kuzu have changed due to environmental factors or my harvesting methods, or perhaps subtle differences in the production year of the silk threads. I ponder these various reasons for what has changed and what has remained the same.

And yet, despite the passage of time, there are hardly any wrinkles on this fabric.