no title 半幅帯地 倍幅

no title 半幅帯地

試作 2013年以前制作





Trial Production: Made before 2013

This was the first trial piece I wove as a “obi” (belt). I just wove it to see what would happen. The width is decent, but the length and everything else were arbitrary. Weaving this one piece showed me what I didn’t know. Both the technique and the appearance are quite embarrassing, but it is a piece that I am emotionally attached to.

Even so, as a test, I have tightly tied it and washed it many times as a belt to observe the changes over the years. Now I am thinking of trying to repurpose it by cutting off a little bit of the end.

Unfortunately, I have no data (records) on the weaving process, so I cannot provide any information on that. However, from what I can see and remember, I used a 30-bird/sun comb to pass the warp threads through in a round cage, so the warp density is 60 threads/sun. I think I dyed it with indigo and akane.”