葛布四寸帯地 山荷葉  全体写真





葛布四寸帯地 山荷葉 の柄の詳細の写真





四寸帯地 葛布

経糸 絹 座繰り糸(群馬県)
緯糸 葛 手績み糸(北海道)
生成り 部分的に藍、蕗の薹、ラックダイ




While walking in the mountains during summer, I caught sight of a small vivid blue ball with a tinge of purple by the side of the hiking trail. Curious about what it was, someone who happened to be there informed me that it was the fruit of the Sankayou plant. I thought the name had a unique and lovely resonance. Upon researching later at home, I discovered that it blooms with small white flowers in late spring to early summer and becomes transparent when soaked in rain, resembling delicate glasswork.

One day, I found Sankayou flowers on the middle slopes of Mt. Teine. Along with the surprise of realizing they were so close by, a connection formed within me between the flowers and the “undyed fabric” that I had been commissioned to create around the same time. The color, while accentuating the natural shade of undyed fabric, stands out within its own undyed realm. Through the presence of color, undyed fabric becomes even more undyed.

Although the request was for “undyed fabric,” I proposed the idea of incorporating hidden colors, which was met with amusement. Despite taking two years and causing a lengthy delay, the pattern has matured during that time, and I am finally able to deliver it now.

As I employed a method that I don’t usually use to create the pattern, I feel a bit embarrassed about my technical skills, but it was something I had wanted to do for a long time. I aim to further refine and polish it in the future.

The six patterns are very small and placed in specific locations: the first wrap, the side of the body, and the inside of the obi. They are positioned in such a way that they are not visible from the outside when the obi is tied.

The hidden treasure known only to oneself, the transparent petals that become invisible, the indigo and purple of the fruit, the yellow of the pistil, and the symbolism of the gourd shape, which represents the Six Gourds. Wishing for the well-being of the owner is a genuine sentiment shared by all craftsmen.