nonno 八寸帯

nonno 八寸帯 






巾 八寸一分

緯糸 葛手績み糸(北海道)
経糸 絹 機械製糸による生糸(群馬県) 21中12本片
染め 茜、団栗、藍、蓬など(一部不明)

経糸密度 76本/寸(丸羽)


NONNO means “flower” in the Ainu language. I named it so because the various pastel colors looked like a flower garden.

I thought that the past obi from this area, produced in 2018, had a very different atmosphere from the ones after this, but that is just the obi that I still have on hand, and the ones that are no longer on hand – the ones that I delivered to you – are showing glimpses of the current patterns and weaving methods, while changing little by little, come to think of it. I believe that things have been changing little by little.

The big change is that in 2016, I came across zaryo yarn from Silkworm Museum. The story of how it happened is summarized in NOTE.

This is not to say that machine-made threads are bad. This obi uses machine-made silk threads for the warp, and the uniformity of the threads results in an orderly texture and a moist feeling. We hope you can feel the difference between this obi and those made with machine-made threads at the exhibition.

This has never been shown before. First presentation.