no title 六寸または角帯地

no title 六寸幅 葛布帯 2018年制作




巾 五寸九分
丈 一丈八寸
緯糸 葛手績み糸(北海道)
経糸 絹ビス糸 300d(機械製糸による)
経糸密度 60本/寸 丸羽
染め 赤麻、団栗

No Title, Kudzu cloth obi, 6-sun width, created in 2018.

I wonder why I still have so many things I made in 2018. This obi fabric was exhibited at my solo exhibition in 2019. I wove it to be used as a 6-sun or kaku obi. The colors switch in the middle vertically, so if you use it as a kaku obi, the front and back will be completely different in color.

I used “bisu” thread, just like the previous post, and I think there probably aren’t many creases or wrinkles, but I don’t know for sure since this one is unused.

As for the pattern, it doesn’t really have much meaning, I just wanted to try something like this for no particular reason. Gradually, I’m getting embarrassed to show these pieces.