kina 角帯地

kina 角帯地

「キナ」はアイヌ語で「草」 この後も同じタイトルで何本か制作しておりシリーズ化している


強度的にも風合い的にも帯地として販売するには色々と不安があったので、その後は同じ経糸密度では織らなくなったが、風合い良く 締めやすい。自家用としてとても良いと思う


巾 五寸三分
長さ 420cm
緯糸 葛手績み糸(北海道)
経糸 絹 生糸 (機械製糸による) 21中12本片 2本どり
経糸密度 24本/インチ
染め 蓬、?(不明)

“Kina” is the Ainu word for “grass”. I have created several pieces with the same title and made it into a series.

The warp density is quite coarse, which is why the silk threads used for the warp are also thick. However, when using machine-spun yarn to weave, even thick yarns can become flat. The overall texture is very smooth.

There were concerns about the strength and texture of the fabric if it were to be sold as a obi fabric, so I stopped weaving with the same warp density after this piece. Nonetheless, it has a good texture and is easy to tie. I think it is excellent for personal use.

I have tried wearing it in the style of “kosode-fu”, which I have admired for a long time. It feels pleasant to tie it around my waist.